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Ready Toolbox

Ready toolbox

It does not matter if you just started your entrepreneurial journey. You may do not have a lot of funds to grow your business. There are a lot of toolkits online that can help you protect and grow your business faster at a low cost. Those are business management tools that will save you a lot of time and stress.

Social media management freelance tools will automate your key marketing activities like an email marketing expert. Plus, you can save money using that ready toolbox. I have been using those and growing my business faster. Some of those are Pinterest automation tools, email marketing tools, and lead magnet templates. I am hundred percent committed to helping your business grow quicker and efficiently. There is no need for you to struggle, especially if you just started. Now, some of those are affiliate links which means I may get a small commission. Also, the tools are special discounted for me, and I offer them to you only.

Pinterest Tools

These are Pinterest marketing strategist tools that help your Pinterest traffic and grow your email list.


Canva is an incredible design tool for beginners and advantages with a click for non-designers. Fantastic tools have a free version to create media kits, social media images, photos, videos, and business cards. Very easy to use. You can try it here below. If you have a problem designing Pinterest pins and videos, check here.


Tailwind app for business

Tailwind App

Tailwind for Pinterest is the official partner of Pinterest, a great scheduler that helps you get extra traffic and share your content easily. There are secrets you can increase followers and put more eyes on your pins. There is a secret of Pinterest keywords SEO. You can check here!

Start using Tailwind app for FREE below.


Email Marketing Tools


Aweber is an email marketing services provider for business owners very affordable and easy to use. I love Aweber has many different templates, and you can build professional emails. You can create various campaigns, grow your email every month, and use different segmentation types and automation by scheduling your emails. Create auto newsletters and drag or drop custom emails so you can get many clicks. Aweber is very professional and has excellent customer service. You can try it here! Do not hesitate to use them without having a second thought.


Another email list generator will help you convert those visitors into subscribers and generate leads to increase sales. It is straightforward to use, and it will help you optimize your website accordingly. It is an email marketing tool that is very important for your lead magnet templates toolbox. Use over 100 lead magnet templates from floating bars and exit intent campaigns. OptinMonster is a handy email list generator and campaign builder. You can use it here!

WordPress Plugins

The best WordPress plugin for spam messaging is akismet. I use it is excellent is protecting my website from spammy comments. Your whole site is protected, so you should try it. Find the details here!


Antispam Bee

Another antispam WordPress plugin is an antispam bee that helps you protect your site from spammy comments. This plugin is free of charge and easy to use. You can try it here!

Blogging Tools

Yoast Plugin

This plugin will help you optimize every single page of your website search engine optimization is vital. The Yoast plugin has many features that you are probably unaware of, like optimizing your video titles and growing organically in Goggle. You can try it here!

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is the best leading hosting provider for business owners offering better prices, better performances of your website, and the best hosting experience. The A2 Hosting gives you the best service for those who have just started and do not know where to start. You can get a free migration service and 24 hours support. Plus, if you think that you are spending too much on hosting, check it out. You will love it. You can try it here!

MH Themes

The best Theme is easy to use and works as a new blogger. I found it very tech-friendly. Their services and customer support are excellent, plus you get many customization tools. If you just started, you do not want to spend a lot of money this is the best Theme to try. This company allows you to choose anything you want without coding or others that may stop you from growing your blog business. You will love it. You can try it here!


That is one of my favorites because you can grow your business, double your traffic and sales by using this plugin. This plugin can help bloggers, eCommerce business owners, and business websites increase blog traffic. Also, you will be able to grow your affiliates and Ad revenue, increase email subscribers. The plugin can help you write better content, rank high, see statistics that matter, and improve conversion rates. Those are some of the advantages that will help you grow your business faster and with confidence. You will love the features it has inside, so give it a try. You can try it here!

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