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Pinterest Management services /Pinterest course

We are offering a unique service for busy Entrepreneurs that do not have time to manage their Pinterest account. Pinterest Marketing has required some effort and strategic plan to create your presence on Pinterest.  If you are a busy Entrepreneur, we offer you this fantastic service to boost your sales through Pinterest.

It is important to understand that managing your Pinterest profile, and we will do the work for you, and we can help you grow your account on Pinterest. Pinterest Management services small and basic Business packages.

First, you have to make the payment of $199 and click here below. We will contact you and collect the information we need from you and start working on your profile using the best Pinterest Marketing Strategist.

Pinterest Marketing Strategist

Small Package 


What are we going to include in this small monthly package?

  1. Manage around 30-45 Boards only, and you will have to provide to us with a small checklist of your Boards.
  2. We can work on your profile and create attractive Board titles.
  3. Up to 100 pins per month yours and others as well.
  4. We will re-organize your Boards, and we will give you consultation advice too.
  5. Providing you with keywords that will increase your rankings.
  6. Clean up and optimize your Boards descriptions, categorize and keyword strategy.
  7. Guidelines on small strategic plan and how to increase followers.
  8. Strategic pinning plan to boost your traffic accordingly.
  9. Joining Group Boards.
  10. Monitoring Spamming.
  11. Report showing growth followers and visitors to your website.
  12. Recommending strategies to keep up with competitions.
  13. Advertising and strategic marketing campaigns if you want to boost sales. We are monitoring your account so we can help you grow your Business while you are focusing on other aspects. This services is including scheduling and Pinning strategically for your Business growth. Also, is including Pinterest Audit strategy for your Boards and profile.


Pinterest Marketing Strategist

Basic Business Package is a Monthly fee of $299

The second basic Business package for busy business owners and entrepreneurs who want to grow their account fast.

It is essential for all Businesses to understand that you need to be ahead of your competitors and apply the correct SEO. We know the right keywords we help you increase sales and make more money on Pinterest. You need to understand that all of our payments are through Paypal.

Basic Business Package 


That is our 2 to 3 months commitment in  Business package for only $299. So, we can guarantee increasing your followers and sales. We are going to manage your account and help you to increase traffic into your site. Pinterest Marketing Strategist to grow a sustainable income.

  1. Managing over 45 Boards and Group Boards.
  2. We can improve your SEO and track your audiences within your account.
  3. Up to 300 pins per month your and others as well.
  4. Also, we will monitor business in corporations with you and we can create at least 4-5 images for your Business.
  5. Including all of the important aspects of the small package but we manage your account and will help you receive invitations to group Boards.
  6. Strategic audit management for every issue that you have and technical support.
  7. Joining Group Boards.
  8. Monitoring spamming.
  9. Recommending tactics to increase traffic into your website.
  10. Proving Pinterest analytics reports that are showing growing and help increase followers accordingly.

Please note that is onetime payment fee of $299 and we will not ask you to pay us more. In other words if you want us to be continued managing your account, the Pinterest basic Business package is ideal for busy and new users of Pinterest. Eleftheria uses strategies and tactics that earn her over than 900 followers within 5 months!

Eleftheria Business PR marketing team is here to help your Business grow from the moment your trust us. A strong presence on Pinterest will help you boost your Business. Please note that due to personalized nature and high demand of Pinterest Management services places are limited and available through application.

Both of our Pinterest Management Services Includes:

  • Improve your SEO tracking and increase traffic using analytics.
  •  We guarantee traffic to your website and have regular sales.
  •  We are making sure all your Boards matching your audience interest.
  •  Start pinning accordingly with the Pinterest algorithm.
  •  Pinning strategically according with the seasons and boost sales from Pinterest.

Plus we Offer Bonuses for our clients


Pinterest Marketing Strategist


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We will schedule strategic steps managing your Pinterest account. We can help you grow your Business fast and we are examine every client and case carefully.




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