How to Boost Sales on Halloween

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October is my favorite month because of Halloween, plus you need to prepare your content marketing strategist plan for the next couple of months. Let’s be honest this is the month that you should be creating content to double your traffic and convert clients. Also, it would help if you thought about the following content marketing strategist for the new year and make sure you are checking your results. It is not hard to rank on Google with the help of Pinterest. Plus, if you just started is easy to grow your website traffic. It would help if you did a lot of research, but it is going to work. Seasonal content is essential when you are running a business is a great time to find and create seasonal content.

Halloween Infographic

Let’s have a look through the statistics for years at Halloween. Candy is still the most popular thing, along with Halloween movies. Average of over 96% are spending over $103.75 on Halloween sweets, decorations and those numbers are going up every year. According to research are over $3 billion is spent on Halloween products every year. It is good to keep in mind those statistics and remember that social media are a massive factor for inspiration during this time. Pinterest is saying that customers are looking for Halloween-related products from the beginning of May until October. So, you need to keep those facts in mind and grow your business by creating seasonal content. You need to make Halloween marketing campaigns or find something relevant to connect with your products or services. Remember, Pinterest is a customer’s buying platform, so people go there to buy. They are ready to buy.

Halloween Marketing

Those are a couple of ideas for your Halloween marketing to attract. Number one, have a look-through for Halloween keyword phrases that will help you rank high on Pinterest. Have a look here!

The influencer marketing on Pinterest for Halloween is very competitive, as the skincare clinic.

So, you need to increase awareness months before and promote your posts because the Google search engine is placing Halloween at the beginning of August. When it comes to Shopify shops, Halloween seasons are different. You needed to create your content months ago. Plan your Pinterest marketing Campaigns early as June and start creating beautiful Canva designs here. You need to understand that creating stunning designs will help you convert more customers. Write and create seasonal content can double your blog traffic and increase your subscribers. It can also help you with affiliates, so it is good to have a strategy to grow your seasonal content. You can create different Canva templates to add to your account and videos to match your social media ideas.

Halloween Marketing Ideas

It is better to take advantage by creating content that will help you increase subscribers. Many business owners are not aware of the power of evergreen content, so now you know. That is an excellent time for busy moms running online businesses to create relevant content for their kids. Also, it is suitable for food bloggers to making Halloween parties’ cookies and sweets. Plus, Halloween crafts for witches is easier to have many ideas to get more seasonal traffic. Another subject that is always very profitable during Halloween is costumes. So, if you have a Shopify shop, getting tons of traffic on Halloween is very difficult. Do not forget to write creative blog titles and do research correctly—research before you start writing. I can give you some titles, 6 spooky Halloween cakes, creating the best candy for Halloween, making the best Halloween parties, and much more. Those are some ideas for you to play. Also, Halloween makeup is popular, so it is suitable for influencers to be more creative.

Halloween Designs

There is a lot of creative content of Canva PRO you can try here. Now do not forget that you can use Canva in different ways.

I can give you a couple of ideas of most about seasonal content to create on Canva. First is the famous Witches. Everyone loves a post on Instagram with Witches. Pumpkins is another popular you can create posts with pumpkins or ghost candles. I love candles, and I especially like candle post dusting Halloween. You can find many in Canva, but you can find ready-made ones here! Another Halloween creative idea will be to add a full moon everywhere on your social media. Plus, black cats or black witches hats, you can create your post about your products and services. Also, do not forget broomsticks, spooky houses, mummies, spiders, and bats. Red drinks are trendy for those in hospitality and influencer bloggers. Create a post with anything but red that is attractive and can go viral on Halloween.

Halloween flyer template

Halloween Hashtags

Do good research beforehand so when you post, you will reach a new audience. That is the plan. You can use hashtags in every platform Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, including LinkedIn now. Use #Halloween #Halloween2021 #happyhalloween #halloweenmakeup #halloweendecor, and much more. Those are some ideas for growth.

Halloween Decorations

If you are a blogger is a fantastic time to share your Halloween decorations by writing a blog post. Especially if you are a Shopify owner that sells, you can create a small giveaway to increase subscribers because you need to convert visitors. So, valuable tips that will help people solve a problem and increase conversions. That should be your primary plan from the beginning, and generally, you need to convert more clients. Use social media power from Google to Twitter to increase engagement and then increase subscribers. Create a content marketing strategist plan for evergreen content that will work for years rather than days. It would also help if you had some fun, like creating posts sharing your home decorations or party decorations. It will attract a lot of audiences if you share your experience on YouTube or Instagram. Twitter people love to see behind-the-scenes videos. If you are selling products doing content marketing, the early stages are beneficial. You will get great results and treat yourself to a spooky Halloween party, having a lot of fun. Those are some ideas for you to consider and grow your traffic. Now, over to you! What are the plans you must increase your Halloween traffic? Leave your comments below.

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