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How to Change Consumers Behaviors through Marketing and Advertising

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Explain and analyze the celebrity’s endorsement and the use by the agencies. We have to look at the example implied within consumer’s behavior.

The advertiser inside an organization should have the capacity to coordinate the organization’s image or/and item, with the identity of the celebrity and the attributes of the real market to build up secure messages.

McCracken a famous researcher raises the coordinate theory: endorsers are more powerful when there is a “fit”. In terms of the endorser and the supported item. Another research states that with a specific end goal to get the best impact. The level of likeness between the picture of the article and the image of the VIP ought to be considering. The more comparable the big name and the item, the more positive the customers’ reaction will be to the support.

In 2003 Byrne & Breen research studies showed the use of celebrity endorsers could generate a more positive response as well as, better purchasing intention, than non-celebrity endorsers. Other researchers like McCracken says when it comes to transferring meanings to brands celebrity endorsers are effective.

The Advantages of Consumers Behavior in Marketing Campaigns

Byrne (2003, p.289) state “celebrities can build, refresh and add new dimensions. What celebrities stand for enhances brands and they save valuable time regarding creating the credibility a company has to create to build its brands by transferring their values to the brand.  When consumers see a credible celebrity endorsing a product they think the company must be OK”.

The Problem Company’s Face is Choosing the Right Type of Strategy

A lot of companies should try to create a long-term relationship with the celebrity. Companies want to create a clear and consistent brand strategy over time, but problems can occur when establishing long-term relationships. That is pointing out if there is no congruence. The audience will remember the celebrity and not the product. That is called the “vampire effect”, which means the celebrity sucks the “life-blood” out of the product.

Despite the many advantages of using celebrities, there are also many potential risks, when creating a marketing campaign. It has also it is discovering that when negative information is spreading about a personality. It influences not only the consumer’s view of the celebrity but also the endorsed product.

Contracts between companies and celebrities include clauses on how to handle unforeseen situations like celebrity misbehavior or even death. Still, this kind of security may not ensure the company from losing out on their image and investment.

Agrawal and Kamakura state that in recent years the interest in the economic value of strategic marketing decisions is growing in marketing literature. According to Farrell, Karels, Monfort & McClatchey (2000), many previous pieces of research on celebrity endorsements have focused on theories explaining how celebrity endorsements influence consumer behaviour, but few have investigated the link between the evaluation criteria and the firm valuation or stock price.

Then two general attributes are essential when determining the effectiveness of the endorsers as well as to communicate effectively, credibility and attractiveness.

The use of Strategic Advertising to Increase Credibility

I am going to use the evaluation of the effectiveness of both averts regarding their attractiveness and credibility, and whether they adverts use rational or emotional appeals.

Pepsi source attractiveness uses star power, celebrities as communication sources. Celebrities or TV personalities are growing in status and becoming opinion former’s, creating a significant impact on consumer attitudes. In this case, those that are easily led or swayed the target consumers of Pepsi who are young teenagers can become influencer easily by a celebrity endorsement. The celebrities are chosen depending on who they and who they influence. Shakira in the Pepsi advert is selected, as she is a well-known Columbian singer and a sex symbol. Though endorsements by famous singers can be very costly such as the price paid for Michael Jackson was well over $5million.


To understand for your own Business Brand the use of the products with a celebrity

That does not seem to send an emotional message, the though the receiver whom interprets the advert may perceive it as an emotional message.  The role of feelings in the way advertisements works suggests a consumerist interpretation. How advertising works rather than rational, which is much more a researchers’ interpretation.

The Lifestyle that Change Consumers Behaviors

Consumer lifestyle is a significant factor, one that is of growing concern for Brands, especially during these past few years.  The media coverage of the ever-growing concern over unhealthy eating. Also, the growing risks of health-related illnesses including obesity, heart diseases etc.

The ever-changing consumer lifestyle is increasing for those who once that always eat junk foods such as take-ways. The chocolates and carbonated soft drinks and non-healthy activities such as regularly sitting in front of the television. To the present in which consumers are now visiting the gym eating well an living a more healthier lifestyle. Consumers are now changing is a continued building of the relationship between the target audience and the brands.

Positioning is in the mind of the consumer and is important as how that consumer considers the product. That can ensure that consumers have a clear view of the brand values that make up the brand personality.

Those are some example and different approaches from Brands and Marketers that they have researched the markets. Now it is time for you to use the samples and analyses above to add value and credibility.

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