How to Get 60K Pinterest Views in 2 Months

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The main critical success factor in Pinterest is a strategy audit and create a daily plan to increase views. You will have to create a Pinterest growth strategy and analyze what is working on for your business account. Next, you need to take the right steps to change the plan and move forward with your account.
Most people are not very patience they want leads and sales straight away. You will have to look at the overall picture, and you can promote your pins. There are a lot of things you should do to increase your monthly views organically.
If you walk into a merchandise store, you are going to see things to be tidy and organized so you may be more likely to buy. Having this thing in your mind, you can understand how important it is to have optimized, arrange your boards to get more traffic and followers.

Organize Your Boards

It will be perfect if you place your most essential and popular boards first on your row. If any pinner comes to your profile will see beautiful color and attractive, tidy boards are most likely will following you. That is something most of my clients don’t understand, and it takes time to grow your following. Also, most important, they do not understand that optimizing their boards will increase their following straight away. It is vital to representing your Pinterest shop and pages strategically to your profile so you can attract the right customers. It is as simple as that!

Create a beautiful board that covers similar colors to those of your brand and has light colors too. Having colors consistent with your brand is helping you grow brand awareness. Another tip is to organize your boards, starting by the ones who are displaying your product and services first. Then you can add those other boards which are more popular and receive a lot of impressions. Always making sure you are rearranging your pins for inspirations and try to re-pin as much as possible. It is good to create a board for Christmas and special occasions to attract more customers. Cleaning out your old boards will give you a significant boost in Google and Pinterest as well.    


Start Pinning More

If you want to grow your account in less then a year, you need to pin at least 30 or 50 times a day. It would help if you started designing new pins and re-pin some of your orders once, and you will see a massive difference in your monthly views. I recommend if you cannot pin 30 times a day 5 times a day, it will be useful as well.
You will see the difference and have a strategy and a plan to grow your account by creating your group boards. If you have an idea, let’s say you are going to join new group boards for affiliates, for instance. Learning how to use Pinterest is a fun process, and you should play with it so you can learn.

Planning and Getting the Right Keywords

If you want to succeed on Pinterest, spend some time organizing and finding the right keywords.  You can find keywords and put them on a piece of paper, keep it for future use is always the best way to be organized.  Then you can start adding those keywords into your pins descriptions and then begin pinning into relevant boards.  A top tip here if you want to grow your account into your boards! Not to the group boards because group boards are for followers and engagement.


Pinning into your boards is helping you a lot.   Pinterest smart feed, showing that you are a quality pinner, and most importantly, your account will grow.  That is the way I did it, and I raise my account if you have patience.  You can search for the right keywords into any keyword tool, and it will help you rank high on Pinterest. Keep an eye into your Pinterest analytics and use it to your advantage instead of trying to find out what is working or not.


Share you Pins into Tribes and Facebook Groups

Something that you should be doing on a regular base is to share your pins with your own or other tribes that you join. You will have to promote your pins and motivate people to share them within their tribes and share theirs as well. I have mentioned many times you will have to put some effort into it, and you will see your account grow. Following the right steps by pinning your pins into your tribes and Facebook groups you are on is going to help your account. Remember is useful if you are creating daily, weekly, and monthly plans on what to pin. Create strategies to organize your boards within a scheduler and make it easier to pin.

Strategic Audit

Have a strategy audit to use and grow your audiences and make sure you can put these into practice. Find more ways to promote your Pinterest profile throughout your social media. Have a plan on how may image to pin on a month or have 1 pin to be pinned into different boards every day. Keep notes on how to pin strategically and change tactics since you noticed differences in your monthly views. You can have a keyword strategy for the products and services you offer.

If you follow the steps above, you are going to gain more followers and traffic. It would help if you were patient and work things out, a lot of my clients are not patient. Is going to help you learned how to use Pinterest correctly, and your progress will be showing in your results. Always good to work your tactics and see what is working for your account. A couple of things to remember is looking bad.

If you do not have an active account, not investing time in your business, you do not offer any freebie to build trust, and create a foundation. It is essential to grow your traffic and focus on developing an email list. You need to grow your brand and create a work ethic around your business and build trust with your clients. It is always good to put effort and organize a bit of 3 essential things a day. Enjoy the journey, and have great success on Pinterest with the New Year! Do you have a strategic plan for Pinterest?

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