How to Increase Productivity Using those Simple Apps

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Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, sometimes banners too  which means that if you click on the link and purchase the product, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you, which I will then use to maintain this blog.  I would not recommend something which I do not think is an excellent tool to help you grow your business.

I am a businesswoman who loves learning and reading and educates myself in creating a winning mentality every day. It is essential to find ways to be more productive at work and those who work from home. We all are working more from home.  Not because of the time of uncertainty, but we are not running, Businesses from offices anymore. So, as entrepreneurs and companies, many of us are looking for productivity tools to increase our sales and motivation. I think all of us have different productivity tools to increase incentives and productivity.

Zoom App

Zoom is the best way to host a visual meeting with your team and separate with your clients as well. The best conference app now is very straight forward, but you need to know that you pay separate monthly plus any other services you want. What I mean by that is you need to pay for Webinars, for instance, extra. That is a bit frustrating because I like the full price.

That is something for you to know, especially now that everyone has virtual meetings. You can host meetings with all the attendees. You can have a private session and replay them. Download the app, and you can have the meeting from your living room without stressing.


That is the most popular social media marketing and management network for your business growth. Hootsuite is an app that will help you save a lot of time from posting everywhere. One part of your productivity formula and motivations. You will have more energy and fun when you have scheduled your blog post and videos. This app will help you read all the messages and posts to all your favorite social media platforms. So, you will not need to go separately to each account. You can do it with Hootsuite. You do not need to hire a social media manager to do that because you can manage yourself with one click.


That is the best for anyone who is working and wants a successful team collaboration. You can share and put projects together while you are communicating effectively with each other. That is one place you can automatically integrate with third-party tools if you want to share your documents for checks.

You get notifications within 24hours on specific days for your work and much more. This app will help your team members who are working remotely and increase productivity in the workplace.  The Basecamp app will boost your team’s productivity and save you tons of time!

Evernote App

That is an app to remind you of everything you need to do in a day. Your business meetings, your virtual meetings, or a specific event. Here is the great thing about it you can have record voice reminders or anything specific about your business meetings. The Evernote app is the best for you because it is going to improve your productivity at work. You can create and save notes, audio clips, PDF files, and make lists on your iPhone. That is one best app for the new year 2021 to increase your productiveness. 

Those are some digital tools that you can use in the pandemic era and learn to grow with the online tools. It is vital to increase your productivity by things that are available to you and not struggle to be the focus. Remember, being focus is the key to success in business, and you should not waste time. We are in a world that is easy to make money by keeping an eye on the ball, and a few people understand that. Learning to become successful in business is a process that entrepreneurs love most of the journey.

The Secret to Money app

That is one app that will help you grow your money mindset, and it will give you a better way to increase your productivity. I love this app. I have it for years now, and I cannot live without it. You know the movie the secret with Rhonda Byrne, you know it was just a foundation of the law of attraction. I love to educate myself and learn different things every year. I spend time to educate myself on self-development programs, so I love this app.

The main reason is that I have the best positive and money affirmations on my iPhone.  I use it to read my affirmations anytime I need them to shift my vibrations into positive ones. It is an app that will help you with a bit of space to write your goals and things you want to accomplish. Things you must be grateful for and much more. There is a smart app to grow a positive money mindset and focus and determine to achieve your goals.

These are some apps that will help you increase your productivity and become more focused on your business. Learn to grow and have a plan for whatever you are going to do for 2021. Be organized because you will have to think about where you are now and where you want to be in a couple of months. For example, if you have 20000 page views now, you may want to increase that to 40000 page views. So have a plan for whatever you are going to do. Have a great year.

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