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6 Story Ideas to Grow your Instagram

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Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, sometimes banners too which means that if you click on the link and purchase the product, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you, which I will then use to maintain this blog.  I would not recommend something which I do not think is an excellent tool to help you grow your business.

We are in a world that we need to grow our social media accounts to earn more money. Now, we need to have a steady income from each platform, and then you need to boost engagement and grow your community. The most crucial goal here is to increase followers, create Instagram stories online to promote engagement. Everyone is complaining about the algorithm, but they never try different things to boost engagement. Like Instagram story stickers, poll stickers, and use sched ulers to check your overall engagement rate. That is a must if you want to grow your Instagram account. It would help if you learned to encourage people to interact with your content. Sometimes we all us stuck, and we cannot grow, but we can have great results when we put some tips together. Let dive in and do it!

Instagram post mockup

The key here is to introduce the audience to your product or services development in a stylish way! It will help if you are building awareness and a strong brand impression to gain more engagement. Using Instagram post mockup for Instagram story ideas is very creative, and it will attack attention. It is finding the right image to share behind-the-scenes product or services prices. Increase your Instagram game by creating content that will boost your sales. Create stories, polls that will increase curiosity by using content for Instagram games. Instagram post mockup is very successful by using other tools on when to post. Check out here!

Using this type of game is going to help you get more engagement and followers. Also, it will help your followers understand your brand better. It will give you the advantage of managing your followers and creating engagement. It is always working, and you will see a massive difference in your Instagram account.

Create a Quiz Game

Those quiz games are essential there are promoting a community environment on your business page. People love to be in the communities, and they can support one another. Especially in business, small business owners love that you should learn to build relationships through those gatherings.

Creating quiz challenges by using professional templates is a good to make a difference. It would help if you invited your friends and Facebook followers to join to give you an advantage. The lesson here is for you to use the date and move forward with your Instagram game. You need to step up your game.

Instagram story Games Questions

Another Instagram story game idea will be to create a movie challenge or music. Asking questions about what they like to watch and listen to is a great engagement tool. You are asking your followers, but you are reaching bigger audiences with your stories. I love movies, so I will be finding it unique if someone asks me that question. Another thing to post in your stories will be the traveling you are doing for your business needs. Trendy templates are those with this and that questions on Instagram game stories. It is essential to get to know your followers and reach bigger audiences to inspire and have fun. I like to follow accounts that are having fun and not those which are dull.

Instagram Game Ideas

It will be good if you are running a business to introduce your team to the people following you. Or another Instagram game idea will be to present any new projects you are doing and the people behind them. That will go viral because people love that type of story, the inside team. By doing that, people will love to connect with you in a more personal matter. Another idea will be to put testimonials up from your clients and gets more engagement. People interacting with other people are influential. It would help if you did it more often and asked a client to share a testimonial like a win situation using your products. It is going to be a potent tool, mainly if you use suitable templates, for instance. You can find many different ones on Canva here.

The trendy thing is to share motivational quotes. There are so many, and people love very positive quotes. I am always getting many likes and plenty of engagement when I add a post with quotes. It is a must for your brand. There are different images you can create to grow your brand, something that compliments your brand.

Podcast Name Generator

That is another trendy idea to announce live events or a new special episode of the podcast. You can create a card with countdown days of the specific episode or a special celebrity podcast.

Like “do not miss the episode of the week,” kind of titles makes people curious to check what is so special. There are a lot of templates you can use to announce that on your Instagram game story. Choose those which are complimenting your brand.


Instagram Story Stickers

Another thing you can do is to create stickers for conversation starters there are very popular. The statistics on conversation starters are very high people tend to join the chat. The best thing to share a photo, maybe a video, and ask your audience to comment on it. It will be good if you have some humor or anecdote to increase engagement. Keep a note of the funniest and attractive conversation that makes your audience comment. Then find relevant topics to boost more engagement. You can create memes and laugh is good to share your personality while you are building your brand. Showing your true self is very good because people want to know that they are following real characters. I love showing my followers my true self, and having fun is not always business. People are connecting with me and love it.

Now since it is the festive season, another beautiful story is the countdown timer stickers. Those are increasing engagement for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. Use animated Christmas stories to increase brand awareness or offer a discount code for your products. Then make sure if they send you DMs, you can send the code back to them because it is exclusive for your Instagram followers. That is always working, plus you are creating educational reels and stories. You will be able to grow your engagement and followers by using the strategies and tactics above. It is working for big brands, and it will work for you. Now, what Instagram story games are you using? Please leave your comments below.

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