How to Make Money on Pinterest with Affiliates

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Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, sometimes banners too which means that if you click on the link and purchase the product, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you, which I will then use to maintain this blog.  I would not recommend something which I do not think is an excellent tool to help you grow your business.


There are many ways to make money on Pinterest, but I will give you some tips. As you know, Pinterest is a visual search engine that has over 400 million active users. Now, you need to leverage Pinterest’s marketing strategist to drive sustainable traffic and close the sale. We will examine a couple of ways to make money on Pinterest here, for instance, with your blog or without. I do teach people how to approach the sales on Pinterest from a warm to a cold audience.

You will need to have a secret strategy to make money on Pinterest, like using your blog or eCommerce with or without a blog.  Let’s get straight into it.

Affiliate Marketing Pinterest

That is my favorite way of making money on Pinterest affiliates. So, I have spent years finding the right strategies and learn the secret that will increase your income. You can earn more than $16K a month. Affiliate marketing is a big business, so you can spend years writing. Let’s focus on few tips here. Receiving commissions from products you promote and trust is the key to success. If people do not trust you, they will not buy from you. Every affiliate marketer out there knows that, so you should keep that in mind. I prefer to monetize my blog and using services accordingly. Also, I am using a solid funnel strategy to convert my website visitors into email subscribers and then paid customers. That is what I am doing and is working for me.

How to Make money online Without paying Anything

It is easy to make money on Pinterest, but you will need to have a strategy to make money with affiliates. I love affiliate marketing, but still, you need to find affiliates to promote without having to spend a fortune. You will need to learn to find on the search results, so keywords are essential. Pinterest is changing a lot every day, so you should be aware of going with the algorithm. The best way to grow affiliate marketing strategists is by using the right products to monetize your website.

In my Pinterest affiliate masterclass, I have shared all the strategies and tactics that you can grow affiliates on Pinterest. I am following the formula on increasing your traffic and how to choose those affiliates without a blog.

It would help if you had a sales funnel to convert the affiliates on Pinterest. Providing value for your audiences on Pinterest is vital. That’s for the affiliate products or your product offer, so you need to nurture your sales. As a Pinterest expert, I know that customers have problems research on Pinterest, then customers click on your pin then checking out. If the customers can find the solutions, they will give their email addresses, winning you. The secret sauce is on the Pinterest users’ journey, but it’s up to you to convert those clients.

Drive traffic using Pinterest

In my Pinterest affiliate marketing masterclass, I have shared how to write articles that convert for your affiliate product here.

It will be good to drive traffic to those affiliates. You will need to present a solid call to action for the conversions. That is what I am teaching you in the course close the sale and earn money. You do not need to have a million views, for that plus is not worthy. You may hear me saying that you need to convert half of the visitors a lot of the time. Offer the right product to your landing page, and that’s it!

It is a part of the successful Pinterest funnel to grow your affiliates. The good funnel will give you the sustainable income that is working for me will work for you as well. Drive Pinterest traffic to your affiliate links using the correct methods is helping you gain trust with your visitors. Even if you do not have a website is not very difficult to grow a Pinterest affiliate marketing. You can start by making $500 a day to $1000 a day, and then you can make up to $16K a month. Following the formula to create a funnel to land into your affiliate product gives you the advantage to earn passive income.

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

It would help if you changed every day along with the algorithm. Make sure you are using the correct direct affiliate and learn what is allowed on Pinterest. Also, you need to know the products terms and conditions like promoting direct links. Creating landing pages to grow your affiliate business is essential, so affiliate marketing is helping you build trust. Trust is a significant factor in increasing your business anyway, so you need to develop a relationship. Plus, the pin descriptions ensure you are compliant with things to be careful as a new affiliate marketer.

How to Make Money with Amazon

Amazon is getting more difficult to sign up papers and open a seller account those days. However, are having affiliate programs that you can sign and sell any product you like. You may have to start small, but you will build on the income. Now, they have an influencer program as well nowadays, which is excellent. Again, you will have to think about monetizing your blog or your Pinterest profile account to appeal to you and your audience. You will again create a unique Pinterest affiliate marketing sales funnel that I teach to get the deal. You are making the correct sale funnel using the principles of having the perfect pin and then convert. It is the same way you split test with the promoted pin campaigns.

Make money on Pinterest with Ecommerce Sites

Using the right keywords to grow your blog, you can develop an eCommerce site as well.  You can do many things when you have an eCommerce store, such as Etsy or Shopify. However, you can design one site and put all of your affiliates. You can use Pinterest to grow traffic and increase your sales. Pinterest is where people go to buy, they are ready to buy, so eCommerce stores are perfect! Targeting your audience and grow your sales but growing a sustainable income is essential. So please following a plan to create the correct pins, plus follow the steps to grow your account correctly here!

Growing a visual assistant business is popular, but you need to remember to have a base or build a foundation. Many digital marketers, bloggers, social media influencers are busy doing extra work, so they hire an assistant.

You can do emails as well. People need their emails done is simple. Make sure you are creating boards that are related and increase followers fast. I do share secrets and strategies on my courses that nobody is talking. Have a look here!

Would you please leave your comments below? Tell me, what is the most difficulty you face on Pinterest?

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