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Video Pins Strategies for Course Creators

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If you have used Pinterest for business for a while, you know all the essential Pinterest tips to grow your business on the platform. Pinterest video is similar to Pinterest pins, so you may stress and think you must learn how to upload a Pinterest video. Also, learning every day, like everyone else, is the platform, and I am also advised by people I know on Pinterest. It is a bit difficult when I think about how I should create the Pinterest video, but after the first time is easy.


Video Marketing for Small Businesses

Using video to increase traffic on websites free are strategies that augment your Pinterest impressions. Of course, the Pinterest algorithm is changing, but who cares? You can start Pinterest ads. Check it out here! The video pins are standard pins size, just like the other pins. You can create animated pins as well with the right marketing message. You can use Pinterest video pins to create stories for your brand awareness. Creating an action for a particular product that will help you grow your viewers’ attention is essential. Pinterest recommends different sizes for video pins that are vertical, 2:3 ratio, or 9:16, and make sure the video pins are shorter. The file type must be mp4, mov, or m4v, and the maximum length is 4 seconds. Pinterest is giving us a lot of information about the video pins here!  

Video Pins

Video pins are popular because you can increase your impressions and followers on Pinterest. Sometimes you may have problems downloading your video pins because of the nature of the pin. The best way to schedule your video pins is with Tailwind, the best scheduler try it here! You need to have a Pinterest business account to create video pins. Remember that. Also, it is essential to add the URL if you want the video to be linked to a blog post or YouTube video. You can add a cover to your video pin, and then you click published. Pinterest has rules like you will wait a couple of hours to check if it violates community guidelines, and then it will publish the pin. You may not have the talent to create beautiful pins, but you can use Canva templates here!

If you use the Canva app, you do not need to worry about the pin size or anything else, you get it all there. You can get the cover image as well. You can design many things with Canva, and you can have fun with it because you can even create landing pages and websites. Canva is my favorite app for designing my Twitter posts, Facebook covers, video pins, and Instagram stories. Try it here!


Pinterest Video Pins

Here are a couple of tips for the best video pins on Pinterest that will help you get followers and likes. According to Pinterest, the best video pins teach people to do something and create an excellent call to action that will inspire creators. For example, you should create a video showing pens and diaries on a desk if you sell diaries. Play with it because you need to get creative and capture attention.

Please look at Canva templates here and get some inspiration. If you are a food blogger is more accessible. You can create video pins with cooking recipes. You can have different Pinterest strategies, for instance, you can promote your pins on Pinterest. Find the best video and start Pinterest campaigns, you can learn more about Pinterest ads here! Prepare your video pins based on your goals and focus on visuals rather than audio. Most of the video pins do not have audio. You can check on Pinterest.

Doing keyword research is essential for the correct text overlay and getting the right message across. Also, remember that you must ensure your video pins are showing to the right audience. Those are robust Pinterest strategies that you need to follow to get more success. Another tip will be to optimize your pins and create new content now that is my focus. Create more content to pin on Pinterest and cleanse your boards.


Video pins Tools

My favorite video pins tool is Canva. You create and edit your video pins in Canva easily. You can find ready-made designs or create your own, edit your logos, and add your message. Making your video actionable so you can get many followers and impressions on Pinterest. You can also create animated pins that will help you get more clicks into your blog posts. Canva is many people’s favorite because you can easily edit your pins and add overlay text. You have a massive collection in the library that you can use. Try it here!

Another video tool is the Headliner app. You can create your videos, and you can upload those to Pinterest. It is excellent, and you can create videos for your YouTube, so this app is easy to use. The other video tools are wave video is fantastic for growing your brand. You have a vast library to use, music, and stickers. If you want to create beautiful video pins with wave video that is easy and fast, you should try it.

Remember that video pins help you grow your followers and brand faster, and you can be more creative. Pinterest is all about finding inspiration and having fun with it. Create beautiful pins that will help you stand out from the crown. It is up to you. If you want to grow your brand, spend time with the video editors above. Use the best and easiest for you, and enjoy! Do you use video pins for your business? Comment below.

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