Aweber Email Marketing Review 2024

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Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, sometimes banners too which means that if you click on the link and purchase the product, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you, which I will then use to maintain this blog.  I would not recommend something which I do not think is an excellent tool to help you grow your business.


Everyone is looking for the best email marketing services however, email marketing campaigns are the easiest. Plus, it is the one company with email marketing examples to follow and does not struggle to create email campaigns. There are emails so that you can use Aweber here! They have everything you need to start as a business owner.

Aweber review

I will give you an Aweber review and everything you need to know if you choose Aweber. The main reason why I use Aweber is because there are too many features that are helping grow my sales plus my engagement. What is Aweber? Aweber is an email marketing company that allows you to increase your email list, send newsletters to your subscribers, create autoresponders, and finally, you can review every detail of your email marketing campaign. I have been using it for years, and they are very established.

Some say artificial intelligence is essential when writing emails, so Aweber offers that. You can edit the many ready-made examples or write your own.

Free plan

Let’s start with the easiest part. First, there is a Free plan that you can sign up for if you want. I recommend you go for the following paid plan, but I will tell you what you get with the Free plan here! You can have up to 500 subscribers and get just one landing page and email automation. It is good, but you need custom segments, advanced analytics, sales tracking, etc.

Aweber Plans

There are many different price plans, but you can choose what is best for your business. You can pay yearly and monthly, which is very affordable. There is a lite, plus, and unlimited plan, so let’s look at the plans in detail. So, the Lite plan is for those who want unlimited subscribers however, you will get one email list and one custom segment. You can also have three landing pages and three email automation. It would help if you had advanced landing page features and sales tracking. The monthly price for the Lite plan is $14.99, and you can try it here!

The next plan is the Plus plan, which is perfect for creators. It offers unlimited subscribers, email marketing landing pages, email automation, custom segmentation, and priority support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I love Aweber because of the excellent customer service. This plan also includes advanced reporting and analytics, all the advanced landing page features, sales tracking, and low transaction fees that can remove Aweber branding. The Plus plan costs $29.99 monthly, and you can pay yearly.

Finally, the last price plan for unlimited subscribers, like over 100,000 subscribers, is fantastic because you can get unlimited email lists. Also, include everything mentioned in the previous plan, and you can send 12x subscribers’ volume monthly, plus you have personalized account management. Again, you can get advanced reporting analytics, landing page features, and sales tracking at low transaction fees. The price of the unlimited plan is $899 monthly, but you get a lot of features and excellent benefits.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Now, you need to start email marketing campaigns. Your main goal is to nurture your email list and get sales. You can have different goals, like selling your products, keeping your audience engaged with your brand, driving traffic to your website, and sending an educated newsletter. Promoting events is an excellent idea to segment your email list and send relevant content. You can write your emails yourself, but you also have examples, and you can monitor your engagement. I recommend you write your email but make sure it includes examples. Mine are simple, but I constantly change the campaigns and check my analytics. Knowing your audience’s likes and dislikes, you can find the key to improving to get more sales and increase open rates.


Email Templates

Aweber is a great email marketing tool that allows business owners to optimize every campaign they want. You can get the best high-converting lead magnets to increase your email list. You have a large selection inside Aweber. Plus, you can get the best email autoresponders. You must have an email marketing strategy that will help you convert. Please check a couple of email template examples here!  


The Aweber templates are over 600 and are free for the essential first two plans, as discussed above. If you want to access the complete design, sign up for the Plus plan. You get everything for free.

Landing Pages

If you want many signups, increase your email list and create highly optimized landing pages. You must make a landing page design inspiration to attract the right audience and satisfy their needs. They say we should keep our landing pages focused and have a strong headline that will resonate with our audience. Now, you know very well that conversions will take time to come. You will have to work on it. Some of my landing pages are converting like crazy! I am using the Aweber landing page because it is easy to create and keeps the reader focused. You must understand that the elements of your landing page background that you include make the difference. You will need a powerful headline to attract your audience. For example, I have a landing page for my Pinterest strategist to increase conversions. So far, it is growing in likes and downloads. The main reason is the free eBook and the value however, Aweber is giving you the choice and advises you to increase your credibility. Remember to check the landing page conversion rate.


Landing Page Builder

You can have different options for creating your landing pages with the drag-and-drop menu. Aweber allows every business owner to design the landing page using the website URL and the tools. You know how important it is as far as SEO is concerned. You must create landing pages that convert and increase organic traffic. That strategy will help you grow your brand and create landing pages with your branding. That is why Aweber is a great email marketing company. It is unique and easy to use. You will get examples inside the template’s library as well. It is always good when you can try. Find a template that has a solid call to action and use it. You must add your own words and images of the plan, check the analytics, and see what works for your business. Remember to check the landing page testing.

Email Campaigns

Starting email campaigns in Aweber is easy; you can have different campaigns for different products. Aweber is good at giving entrepreneurs the choice of having a welcome series for new subscribers, a lead magnet newsletter, and sharing our YouTube videos and blogging newsletters. You can follow simple steps and segment your email list for better results. Tag your subscribers: Send autoresponders; the trigger inside your campaigns is vital.

Using Aweber for years now is easy to use triggers and tags. You do not have to struggle with coding or anything like that immediately to get the right results. Email segmentation is vital for a business owner. If you need to send emails to a particular group of people, you will see open rates, which will help you increase sales. You can edit your email newsletters as you go.


Customer Service

Now, the Aweber support is fantastic. First, you can have email, telephone, and web chat support. Customer service is fast and helpful. It will give you the best live chat support 24/7. The email support is the same 24/7, plus the call. I have a great experience with Aweber because they call customers to help them no matter the price.


Drop Email Builder

The drag-and-drop HTML email builder with Aweber is easy and fun. It offers many different templates. Aweber has easy design options and many integrations, so you will not have any issues. You have many options with various colors and layouts. Also, you have other options to use the photos there, or you can add your free images to your templates. Plus, you can integrate with Canva and Unsplash. It is so easy to use Canva to design, plus you can use an intelligent designer email tool to create messages. Once you have submitted your website, you can start editing your emails. You can choose your business goals, from selling your course to selling a service.

Aweber features

Aweber gives us the main features you need for the ultimate email campaigns to help you create lead magnets. You will have the tools to build the automation that will help you with the process of sending email marketing. Sending emails, plus Aweber has over 750 third-party app integrations, makes it easy to connect.

Email Automation

Aweber has the most straightforward process of adding tags to your email marketing newsletter. You must set this up, and then Aweber will do the rest. The best is segmentation targeting and positioning based on specific products or services. Of course, I started sending out automatic messages. I write my emails, and I edit them into Aweber.

I use this method to send autoresponders and sell my products and services instead of emailing a single person. You can create landing pages, add tags, or use any lead generation tool. Then, go to your email marketing campaign types, like welcome series and bloggers series, and see all the options available.


Test Emails

Now, Aweber allows you to do A/B testing when you send a newsletter article to your email list. Make sure you monitor the performance of each sending campaign. An email marketing funnel is handled automatically for you. Also, you need to work on different content and check out what is working. You can mix and match when split testing, plus which ones your audiences open. Businesses doing A/B testing are getting higher returns on email marketing investments.


Professional Looking Emails

Now, Aweber is the exemplary newsletter service for every solopreneur, blogger, business consultant, spiritual business, and affiliate marketer for every small business owner. It’s straightforward, and you do not need special skills to create high-quality emails with Aweber. You have very professional emails that are made for every device so you can preview different features. Then, you can have different triggers and choose how often you will send those campaigns. Create a powerful call to action when to start a campaign.


Unlimited Emails

Aweber is a company that allows you to get feedback directly to your email list and ask questions. Send them surveys is vital for your business success, plus you can send unlimited emails. Doing that will give you many new growth ideas to increase open rates. You have the best email marketing tool to send unlimited emails, so start writing and editing.

Number of Subscribers

Using Aweber will give you the best plan to grow your email list to over 1000 subscribers. Start using the landing pages to create many signup forms and increase traffic. Grab attention with the right images with Aweber, make the best offer, and give it away for free. It would help if you were related to the service you offer and clarify it. Segmenting your email for future newsletters is essential because you will lose subscribers when you send irrelevant emails. Try Aweber here!

Small Businesses

Developing a nurturing campaign with Aweber is so simple, starting to experiment with different emails. Then, send a simple, not robotic, email and write a story of why your product or service is good. Send your subscribers testimonials and inspiring positive emails to keep them engaged. Your primary goal is to engage inactive subscribers and get readers to sign up for a free trial, demo, or consultation. Keep people engaged with your brand and drive traffic to your website. Nurture your subscribers by guiding them to the next step by using the proper sales funnel.


Subject lines

Aweber does not give us many examples of subject lines but finds he writes some short and sweet ones. You can create your email newsletter in six stages, including welcome and thank you. Use different subject lines. For example, you can add thank you. Then, you can provide additional information about the lead magnet topic. Also, the third part will be the testimonials, so find subject lines that convert. You can send a testimonial with a story on how you started and created the course or the product.

After that, you can have the fourth part, you can send a special offer to your subscribers. You may have to empathize with the limited-time offer. Alos you have plenty of templates to use by Aweber. You can create an email marketing campaign just with seasonal promotions if you want by using different triggers. Then, you can send relevant questions and finalize your offer with another series. Plus, it is essential to have relevant subject lines like Christmas and Halloween.



Signup forms

You can create a gift guide for seasonal holidays or a general guide. People need gift ideas but need help finding them. Signup forms with gift ideas are usually popular and get many signups.

That is the best time to sign up and sell your products with different campaigns. Giving gift-shopping recommendations will help you convert more subscribers and increase your revenues. You can also create landing pages for cross-selling. It will provide you with a lot of visibility and brand awareness. Plus, gift guides are a content marketing strategy you must master. For instance, you can create gifts for kids, Mother’s Day, and wedding ideas.


Phone Support

Aweber also has a 24-hour support line, regardless of your chosen plan. The support is fantastic and informative, and they can go through with you step by step. As I said, they also have a live chat, but email and phone are excellent. Those are many things that Aweber is offering. They have a knowledge base, so you have everything you need before you ask for a call. The customer service is fantastic!


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