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That is a favorite topic of mine on how the Pinterest algorithm works. It must be a riddle for some people, but you can master the Pinterest algorithm. Learning how to master the Pinterest algorithm will be your Pinterest mission. Let’s focus on three to four main factors and get the desired results. In this article, I am sharing those Pinterest strategies that will help you understand how Pinterest search works. Pinterest is a search engine, but a visual search engine. The Pinterest visual search engine and smart feed can help you rank if you are pinning quality pins. You also have plenty of ways to get paid on Pinterest, such as collaborating on boards and repinning each other’s content.

Pinterest Algorithm works, video pins, Pinterest account.

Pinterest Algorithm

What is a Pinterest algorithm? As I explained above, Pinterest is a visual search engine, so like any other platform, Pinterest uses an algorithm to determine what users see on the feed. You will need a specific type of information that ranks content. It is essential to follow a Pinterest strategy accordingly. Other factors determining the ranking are domain quality, pin quality, pinner quality, and topic relevance. Those are other factors that will help you master the Pinterest algorithm. Let’s dive into those so you will get ideas on how to boost rankings.


Domain Quality

That is essential for your Pinterest growth and account recognition as a quality domain with plenty of popular pins on your website. Ensure you have a strategy that will help increase Pin engagement, click-through rates and saves. The quality of your website is essential. Start with a Pinterest business account, then you can claim your blog or website. Those steps will help you check the performance of your pins and the traffic. Enable rich pins is another factor that will help you provide information about your target audience. Another major thing for you to master the Pinterest algorithm is to pin consistently to drive more engagement. 

Pin Quality

Designing pins that attract clicks, saves, and comments would be best. That will be one thing in your mind when creating pins is to attract eye-catching pins to Pinterest users. Remember, the more attraction to your Pinterest pins, the higher the Pinterest algorithm will rank you.

Pinterest has a smart feed that ranks pinners with quality pins. Plus, fresh pins make sure you create content for your business. Here are some tips for creating quality pins to use great images. No matter the content, the image is essential, and it must attract the target audience.  Find an appealing title for your pins, and make sure you are checking the Pinterest analytics to see what is performing on Pinterest. Your focus will be creating performing pins and focusing on Pinterest SEO to grow sustainable traffic. If you constantly add the right keywords and make the right visual content, you will thrive on Pinterest. Ensure you continually check Pinterest analytics because it will give you data. That is one way to master the Pinterest algorithm. You will be the best quality pinner. Remember that another key to the Pinterest algorithm is creating new fresh pins, which means creating new content weekly.

Another thing is to be repining popular content. Write titles that will convert but also not spam people. Remember when you start Pinterest ads. Check out the policy first. Inside my course, I have many examples here!

Relevant Keywords

It is essential to understand that Google SEO is the same thing as adding to your pins that will help you improve your rankings. You will attract the right audiences and add those to the pin description using the relevant keywords. Doing keyword research following the search guide is essential, or check out my course here! To perform better on Pinterest, you can add relevant keywords to your Pinterest bio, boards, and target niche. I recommend that you research keywords in a document before, like titles. The pin titles you will thrive, but do research first. You can also check other pins on the platform to get ideas and examples. Another way to find new ideas is through Pinterest trends. You will get the best relevant keywords and visual content. Those are things you need to add to your Pinterest strategy.


Pinterest Visual Search Tool

You should have a Pinterest marketing strategy to add a Pinterest carousel to help you stand out. Some trendy big brands use cars to offer ideas and tips. Another thing will be for you to learn to use the Pinterest trends tool, which is fantastic. It gives you many ideas on how to make your images stand out. Check the correct dimension of the pin or an even taller pin, and the 2:3 ratio is the official size. Following the new features is a Pinterest way to help you boost sales and get more organic traffic.

Idea pins, for instance, can give you many followers, and you will get all your eyes on your pins. That is a verified strategy that will help you get the engagement rate to grow your Pinterest profile. It will give you an advantage in the Pinterest algorithm, and you will rank high and get the views you want. You must have a strategy to help you reach a wider audience and some secrets you need to learn here!

Remember, the right traffic and sales take time on Pinterest if you are after sales. I make over $10K a month, but it took some time to use the right strategy. You can create low-cost campaigns with the proper budget and low costs as your sales increase. Have your content ready and start pinning to master algorithm, plus your Pinterest analytics.

Add Pinterest Tags

Adding Pinterest tags to your website will help you track conversions, and you can see the performances of various campaigns. Pinterest ads are something that all businesses should do to grow their business, and in fact, Pinterest ads are a favorite by the algorithm. By tracking conversions with your organic and paid traffic, you will benefit because you will see your SEO is working. Check out which relevant keywords are doing your desired work, then change things. You have the advantage of tracking your paying visitors, and then you can recreate a Pinterest ads campaign that will deliver your visitors. Then, you can create a Pinterest ads campaign to increase your advantage.

Spend time on the platform, pin manually. It will help you rank on the smart feed, which is one secret. Pinterest ads can generate traffic for your business, can increase sales, and you can earn money from affiliates. It will help you increase engagement and make sure you decide your objective. Have a plan on which pin you will promote and your budget. Do not just start spending money, and it may cost you a lot. You need to earn, not lose! Run multiple campaigns if you want to boost sales and increase subscribers. Along with your organic traffic, you can become very successful.

You will increase followers, and you can become an influencer on Pinterest.A successful Pinterest strategy will help you gain the traffic you want to earn money from ads. Developing your knowledge of the Pinterest algorithm ensures you have a solid plan. For instance, starting from how many pins to pin is vital to creating successfully.


Search Results

Another thing you will need to do to understand how the Pinterest algorithm works is to learn the search results. Include your ad campaigns in the search results with relevant keywords. You will need to adjust your Include your ad campaigns in search results. Another thing you will have to find keywords that trend. You must be very specific when you upload a pin for Pinterest to determine who will see your pins. Also, you can do that by getting the relevant pin title and product description. Pinterest is more of a Google now, so you must add your keywords into alt text, not your description. Many people make these mistakes, and you will not rank on Pinterest. Make the descriptions simple and add the right keywords.

If you have an Etsy shop, make sure you are connecting your Pinterest catalog. I will not recommend it if you sell digital products because it may slow down your page. Sometimes, adding too many codes can be an issue.


Video Pins

Another way to increase impressions and master the Pinterest algorithm is video pins. You will have to create video pins that will help you improve your Pinterest engagement and views video pins. You can check out ready-made ones here! There are the idea pins that you can add a small video of around 15 seconds into your Canva. That may need more, but the Pinterest algorithm favors video and ideas pins. Remember that Pinterest is a visual platform that you can take advantage of. Create your content, and check out my previous blog post here!


Product Pins

As I said above, you need to use all the features of Pinterest, including the catalog. Now, you can create product pins since you are selling products. Also,  you can add your catalog manually, which is another thing Pinterest has developed. You can create product pins or a group of pins to make a collection to sell and take advantage of that. All those tips will help you learn to grow your account.


Pinterest Content

You need to create new, fresh content. So, start writing recent blog posts and make examples of the products you are selling. Now, Pinterest is all about inspiration, so you need to create content that motivates them to try something new. Check out the Pinterest influencers and take some ideas. Also, there are millions of ideas of what you can create on Pinterest if you check out your home feed. The content you need to start is the one that gives you more engagement, inspiring pins that make people comment.



Standard Pins

Create your standard and inspirational video pins to boost sales and increase impressions. Your standard pins will help you grow your traffic, and you can also do promoted pins. Check out your conversions and develop your traffic using your Pinterest analytics. You can pay attention to where the traffic is coming from, like PC or mobile. Who are your audiences? Those are questions you will have to analyze to get more traffic monthly.



Important Factor

Remember that you must be patient because traffic will come, but not straight away. Also, you are paid traffic, bringing you the best results when you run campaigns for over a month. Pinterest algorithms love those two main factors. Along with creating new, fresh content, your business will thrive, and you will boost your sales. Put your keywords into alt text, and your traffic will increase. I have been selling my products from Pinterest-promoted pins, so check out here!


Source of High-quality content

The best high-quality pinner is the one who is constantly pinning new, fresh content. So, create at least 50 to 100 blog posts in the next two months. Then, in those on Pinterest, there are two days different. If you are pinning five blog posts with the same URL, do it within two or three days. Pinterest will recognize you as a quality pinner.


​Fresh Content

Make sure you are constantly pinning the latest content. As I said, you will get many eyes into your pins. You need a strategy that will help you pin at least fresh content for two to three months. Afterward, you can schedule content on Tailwind and share it with the communities. Remember that you need to share their content as well. You can create boards for your communities, plus your general pins.

Blog posts

Create blog posts and boards that will attract your ideal audience. Write blog posts that are very specific about what you are selling. Try to write blog posts that will help your audiences solve a problem. Those small details that many bloggers need to pay attention to but are essential to help you gain credibility and traffic. Have a content marketing strategy to help you grow your business and make it work. It would help if you had the right mindset to succeed.


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