How to Increase Traffic on Pinterest with Video Pins

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Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, sometimes banners too  which means that if you click on the link and purchase the product, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you, which I will then use to maintain this blog.  I would not recommend something which I do not think is an excellent tool to help you grow your business.

The best are video pins on Pinterest. I design them, and I sell them as well. There are increasing my traffic and boost my sales. I am using those more often after my followers love the videos and bring me more followers. It would be best if you have a strategy to grow on Pinterest, creating boards and pins to attract more customers. That is a mistake that a lot of bloggers and e-shop owners do not use video pins, but they are missing a lot of traffic. I grow my Pinterest account, and I manage other people’s accounts for years now. I know if people using the account correctly will have many sales and subscribers from Pinterest. My impressions and my re-pins are increasing every day, and I never have any problems with it. The videos are helping more! So, I love them!

Why should You choose Pinterest video pins?

Pinterest is a search engine, so videos are pin images that are can be 15 seconds, and you can create on Canva a pin then add the video. It is quite easy to do, but video pins can be animated as well. I mean there is son many things to choose from inside Canva. I have a massive positive response when I pin video pins are giving me a lot of impressions. Pinterest video pins can be simple and can have a space for a small video. Or can have a short message like 2 seconds surrounding by the titles of your pin descriptions. It is good to have beautiful portrait images helping you with your branding. Do not forget you can add keywords into tags and as well as not many but the most important ones. Pinterest video pins are standing out on the smart feed because of the nature of the pin.   It is attracting more customers, and using the correct keywords is going to get plenty of attention.

I think business owners do not believe that their traffic can be increased a lot and skyrocket their impressions. Pinterest video pins are a great way to increase subscribers by creating more landing pages. I love it when I get an email like this: I have over 10000 views on my video pins.

Use the best Pinterest Marketing Strategies to Grow

The best tactic to grow your traffic and impressions with videos is to create a strong call to action within the video. Make sure your lines capture people’s attention and increase subscribers, then you can nurture the sale down the road. It is important to remember that Pinterest is a visual search engine, so you need to focus more on that than audiovisual. That will help you increase your traffic and focus on your audiences as well. It would be best if you have a sharp image to put the right keywords, and Pinterest will decide which video pins to show to your audiences. If you are a quality pinner, Pinterest will reward you and help you grow your account fast. You will need to have a strategy to grow your Pinterest account. Then optimizing your video pins descriptions correctly that will help your pins found in relevant searches. Pinterest is helping us a lot by giving us information’s about it. If you do not have the time to create a beautiful Pinterest video pin, I am selling Pinterest video pins that convert, and you will get many likes! You can check here!

Extra Strategies to Use to Grow your account

As any pin, you need to be doing the right things to get more traffic from Pinterest. It would help if you had to do your homework and add the keywords that will increase your impressions. So, you need to make sure you have an attractive title, and you can attract more customers to your shop. If you are a blogger or e-shop owner, you can be more creative. It is a great tactic to get more impressions and traffic due to the small message in the video pin. Use templates colors that are like your brand and try to stay at the top of the smart feed. The more you optimize, the better for Pinterest search and try to use all Pinterest tools to grow your business.  Remember that using Canva is another business tool that will help you convert more clients, especially if you know how to use Canva because there are ready-made templates to use again and again. It is easier for you to have your brand colors saved and create attracting video pins.

How to download a Pinterest Video Pin

It is the same way you do it with the standard Pinterest pin using the Pinterest video downloader simple and easy. Make sure you are spending some time to get organized on what to create as a video. You may have to find your best blog post or your top-selling product to create a fabulous video pin to attract more. I have seen a significant increase in my impressions, and do not forget Pinterest will boost your sales. Keep an eye on Pinterest analytics to give you more ideas on what and who to target next. Pinterest analytics is your top helping hand to grow your account.


Create Fresh Pins

Creating new pins on Pinterest is a vast tactic to grow your re-pins, views, and impressions, so you need to pin original content. That is something bloggers, and e-shop owner does not understand that Pinterest love new pins, and you need to create content to pin. If you just started and you do not have content to pin, you need to start creating content first! Remember that size matters as well on Pinterest, so your video pins must be a similar size with all Pinterest images 1000 x 1500 pixels. You can create longer video pins, or you can just follow Pinterest guidelines.

Do not forget that Pinterest video pins are just a small way to creating more impressions and drive traffic to your shop. I love the videos, and I am creating more every day. Please let me know on the comments below. Have you tried Video Pinterest pins yet? If yes, what have been your results?

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