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How to Pitch Brands and Land Deals

How to get sponsors/how to pitch a brand collaboration/how to negotiate/how to handle rejections/Brand deals.
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I think all of us know how important it is to build relationships with the media. However, you must grow your business and learn to negotiate to do it how to get sponsorships to earn more money and learn to negotiate because you are a business owner. You must know what to pitch and when to let go. I have been pitching now for many years.

I have failed, but I am winning as well, so keep reading, and you will get the juicy bits. How to get brand deals will be exciting for you to learn the skill of negotiating to master negotiation. It is helping you grow your business at every level, so you must have first discovered the sale tactics. I am going to give you a couple of tips on brand deals. You should keep notes. I know the pains, the frustrations, the rejections, and I enjoy the cash!

Be Organize

Now, you may think. Do you need a media kit? Yes, you may, but no, you may not need a media kit. I know some brands may ask for it, but we are usually having those statistics on our website nowadays. I heard some influence’s have over 24-page media kit. Really? Who is going to read 24 pages?  Do send PR manager long pages with stories of your life. Also, do not mentions the price you are going to charge them because it is taking away all negotiating power. Do not forget we negotiate.

The key is to start seeing the bigger picture and stop find an excuse not to growing your business. Let us say to start being more consistent with your posting on Instagram and Twitter. Remember that we are all of the business owners here, so you need to learn to build sales funnel and create the right tactics to grow your business.

Find out that big brand tends to collaborate to increase their credibility but most important is they grow. Starting by thinking which companies you are going to attract and make a collaboration. Then create the next right step to approach the brand and pitch them your ideas.


Make Contacts with a PR team

If you want to have extra money from sales, you will have to have a team helping you with this strategy. You may need to find a group of business entrepreneurs helping to connect online business creators and helping you find a brand that sponsors. There is plenty of those around. I would not recommend you of getting into some spammer group asking you to follow them and the other way around.

I think you need to grow an authentic following and not attract time wasters. You need to recognize those straight away. Usually, they ask irrelevant questions.  A small tip for you to remember. Also, you can find a PR agency to help you set up a couple of contacts. Here is another tip to remember how important it is to be networking and build relationships to grow your business.



Be More Specific

If you are having a massive number of subscribers on YouTube, you can focus on creating videos. Sponsoring videos will give you a lot of extra money for you to use in your project and try to be highly creative. It will be useful to create a video you should send for approval to the brand you are collaborating. It will be showing that you care about the work you do, and you are professional, not just a person who is looking to make some money. You will have to see the bigger picture here and create content according to the brand’s specifications. That will increase your credibility, and you can mention it in your next collaboration.

Decide Your Fees

Decide your fees with the brand, negotiate your payments, and let them know your subscribers. Do research. What do they charge for something similar?  Also,  you will have to be fair and create a good piece of work. It is better if you charge a reasonable fee concerning your previous work. Explain to the brand that you can drive excellent results for them in terms of sales and click-through rates.

How to Negotiate

Things to remember when you negotiate a business deal is simple, never mention too much when you are pitching someone. It is not essential to do that because some negative people will reject you by telling you silly excuses. However, it may seem contrary, but it is also a positive because you are going to do business with enthusiastic brands, not obnoxious. Avoid asking for a free product while negotiate and look out for spammers who are offering you discounts. If you have not any collaborations, you can pitch the brand an idea. Think of something creative that adding value. I cannot teach you how to pitch people on my post by I can tell you that you will have to learn to develop the skill.

How to handle Rejections

The best thing to do here is to be ready when you talk to someone instead then trying to impress and talk much. Try to be professional over the phone or email, preferably someone trying to impress. Do not be too specific is a collaboration, so you should help the brand and your business. You need to have room for change, and negotiations are simple as that guys. Make sure you are scheduling talks at the right times and days. Do not include your price because there are going to reject you. I want you to have faith, confidence when you pitch, and if you fail is win-win Bob! You will use your experience and move on to the next business deal, and you will thrive and learn entrepreneurial skills.

Those are tips I have developed and learn to grow my business. I want to know about your experiences. So, leave your comments below. What are your main struggles from pitching brands for business deals?

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