How to Go Viral with your Pins on Pinterest

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As you know, I love Pinterest regarding free blog traffic. Most of the traffic comes from Pinterest. Of course, I am also growing a lot on Google, and it is fantastic, but I will write in another post. Pinterest wants patience and a lot of work regarding viral pins. For instance, always check your Pinterest analytics to see the best time to post. It would help to have a Pinterest SEO strategy to get free blog traffic. Also, targeting the right audience with relevant boards and fresh pins is very important. You must create beautiful graphics and seasonal content that Pinterest users will love. It is straightforward for some people to go viral, but if you follow the right strategy and Pinterest images. When I first started using Pinterest, I was trying to find the best relevant keywords to go viral on Pinterest. The best thing is that you will increase your blog traffic and income. Viral pins can be considered those with over a thousand impressions and clicks. A viral pin is a particular pin that reaches a new audience and generates viral traffic.


Pinterest Marketing

You must have a Pinterest marketing strategy and understand how the algorithm works to get your first viral pin. Pinterest is a visual search engine and not a social media platform to create new, fresh, original content. One of your pinning strategies is to focus more on traffic, and understanding how the Pinterest algorithm works is essential. Using Pinterest SEO to grow your target audience will get the best results. Here are some tips on creating the best Pinterest strategy to get viral pin posts. The main contributing factors are high-quality pins, design elements, video pins for views, and pin images. Use the right keywords but avoid keyword stuffing to get the most traffic from search results.

You must check your Pinterest analytics to see the best time to post. It is good to analyze the metrics and understand pin design and the visual elements of the pins, like the fonts and the colors that are vital to increasing engagement—using the best strategies to analyze each pin to increase traffic and capture your audience. You can go viral by learning more about Pinterest analytics and checking the performance of your pins. Another strategy to go viral is to join Pinterest group boards, and you also need to create idea pins. You must make the best approach to attract an extensive audience. Create seasonal content or fresh pins with new blog posts to help you go viral.

Pin Description

So, you can find relevant keywords for Pinterest in advance to increase the visibility of your pins. Create 2 or 3 pins for new and old blog posts if you want to add the best Pinterest keyword, and you will make your pins go viral. Your pins will have better results if you also have beautiful pins. Make sure you are using best practices when it comes to Pinterest. Also, remember that going viral on Pinterest is easy when adding keywords to your pins, titles, and descriptions. I have shared a lot of organic traffic strategies for Pinterest inside my Promoted Pins course here! There is an essential factor that can determine your viral pins. The domain quality is like the popularity of your pins and website visits. Create great content for your blog, and then add those beautiful pins with keywords that users will search for.



Pin Design

The best thing to do is engage the pin description and titles with the beautiful image. Create different types of pins with the best pin description. It will attack clicks and Pinterest engagement. Also, you will get more followers, the more eyes you get on your pins, the better results. Remember to create click-worthy pin images that will help grow your traffic. Also, you can create different designs and figure out the goal of your pin. For instance, sign up for your email list, buy your products, and click on your affiliate links. You will have to figure out what your target audience is looking for and what is making them click on your pin. Analyze your Pinterest pins to gain traffic and get your viral pins into many users. According to Pinterest, pin image suggestions have a 2:3 ratio, and another one is 1000 x 1500 pixels. You can try mine. There are ready-made and trendy checks here! You will need to attract a lot of attention to get more sales. Your pin image needs to stand out.


Pin Title

Writing compelling pin titles is the key to optimizing Pinterest SEO, another way to grow your traffic and go viral. You must ensure that when you write catchy titles, they are clickable and attention-grabbing. Again, ensure you are using the relevant keywords describing your content. Create pin titles that have some urgency and curiosity. Also, you must make sure your content applies to your brand, plus you must build a strategy to grow a brand on Pinterest. You must have one thing in mind: you are attracting the right audience for your business. Write titles that are converting more customers, especially when you are writing a freebie. Remember that the quickest way to get increased page views is by researching keywords to add on. Use the right keyword-checking Google Analytics to check on specific pins. Also, make sure the keywords you are using are those that help you rank on Google number one.


Pinterest Idea Pins

Pinterest is the perfect place to promote your products for free, and you can go viral with idea pins. Some people there are saying that the idea is dead. However, a lot of bloggers and influencers are getting plenty of followers. Ideas pins have a much higher chance of going viral by creating videos with your product’s short videos and text overlays. You can create a step-by-step guide of something to attract the right audience and improve your targeting. Make sure you create a collection of your products and services. Create stories, research, and get some ideas from influencers if you need help or overthink it. I get inspiration from everything I see and start creating content. Do the same: get ideas from other content and viral pin posts.


Viral Pinterest Pins

Another Pinterest strategy is to make sure you are stocking images for your Pinterest pins. A couple of Pinterest tips to remember here is when you use images with faces. According to Pinterest, those pins are getting 23% fewer repins. Also, you will have to use more bright colors like pink, red, or yellow. Those are getting more clicks and twice as many repins. Another tip for your pins to go viral is to choose your brand’s colors or a white color, for instance. Ensure you use your branding elements, so they know your pins when you reach a new audience. Create effective Pinterest graphics to attract attention.


Pinterest Traffic

You will increase your traffic using the right keywords. Remember, Pinterest is a search engine. Create consistent content and become an active search audience for specific ideas about your content. Like blogging tips, for instance, use Tailwind here to increase traffic. Pinterest is the perfect tool to gain traffic to your blog and drive sales. You can also use Pinterest ads to increase your traffic. There are a lot of secrets when it comes to Pinterest ads. You can check it here! Pinterest ads give an extra boost to your traffic game, and you will have to learn to use it the right way. Optimize your Pinterest boards, save relevant pins, share your pins with your tribes, and create boards to share others’ content. If you are an e-commerce business owner, ensure you showcase your products and create holiday content months before. Remember to use those tips in a long-term game to increase traffic. It will help you get more sales when you boost your content. Leave your comments below.

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